Bumble Update Gives Men Chance to Make The First Move

Bumble Will Now Allow Men to Make the First Move

A decade after revolutionizing the dating app landscape with its “women make the first move” feature, Bumble is broadening its approach by allowing men to start conversations. The newly introduced “opening moves” feature gives female users the ability to set a prompt that male users can respond to, initiating contact. This development modifies Bumble’s longstanding policy that required women to send the first message, which was designed to empower women in their dating pursuits.

Women Will No Loner Have to Make The First Move on Bumble

This innovation is part of a broader app overhaul announced by Bumble’s new CEO, Lidiane Jones, who took over from founder Whitney Wolfe Herd earlier this year. As dating apps strive to maintain their relevance amid growing online dating fatigue and a shift toward more in-person interactions, Jones views this update as an alignment with current social dynamics.

“We’re seeing a greater need for authentic human connections,” Jones explained to CNN in an interview prior to the launch. “I don’t anticipate that the number of people using online dating is going to go down, quite the opposite, but there is a higher bar … So we’re taking it as a great call to action to center ourselves on our mission.”

The “opening moves” feature allows women to either initiate the conversation as usual or set up a prompt for their matches, such as asking about a dream dinner guest, to encourage men to make the first move. This option is also available to non-binary individuals and those seeking same-gender matches, allowing either person to set and respond to the opening prompt.

Bumbles New Feature Lets Men Initiate Conversation

Alongside this feature, the relaunch includes updated “dating intentions” badges, enabling users to display on their profiles whether they are seeking long-term partnerships or casual fun. Additionally, the app now requires users to add more photos to their profiles and highlights common interests at the top of potential matches’ profiles to foster connections based on shared passions.

The overhaul might be crucial for Bumble’s financial recovery after it reported a $1.9 million net loss last year. Despite its share price plummeting 86% since its IPO in February 2021, analysts are optimistic, projecting a $12 million profit in the upcoming earnings report for the first quarter, up from a $2.3 million loss in the same quarter the previous year. Furthermore, the number of paying users is expected to increase by 14% to more than 3.9 million.

“We’re very fortunate to have very healthy financials to be able to invest in growth for the company, and still deliver profitability for our shareholders,” Jones commented. “We’re at a really great inflection point of, we have enough scale and we also have a lot of room to grow ahead, where we can balance both of those goals together.”

This series of updates represents a strategic move by Bumble to adapt to the evolving landscape of online dating, aiming to enhance user engagement and return to profitability.

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